Ieva Grigienė

"I am passionate about the fact that jewellery is simultaneously a contemporary craft and a form of art and I try to perfect both aspects. While thinking of what questions I want to explore through my art, I spend a lot of my time alone in my workshop with blackened hands striving for mastery. The materials I use are diverse - precious metals, raw stones, but also organic ones - wood, fruit rind, seed boxes, sea algae etc. Usually I spread out various objects on a table and enjoy matching them slowly looking for the most interesting combinations."



  • 2012: J. Vienožinskio School of Arts, Vilnius, Litauen
  • 2015: Austauschsemnester mit der Academy of Fine Arts and Design Bratislava, Slovakia; B. Schatz Medal Art Symposium in Jerusalem, Israel; apprenticeship at P. Gudyno Restoration Center in Vilnius, Litauen
  • 2016: Jewellery apprenticeship at Philip Sajet's studio in Latour de France, Frankreich; Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Metallkunst, zur selben Zeit in Vilnius (Litauen), Sofia (Bulgarien) und Jerusalem (Israel)
  • 2017: Bachelor of Arts: Metal art and jewellery - Vilnius Academy of Arts, Litauen; Jewellery apprenticeship at Attai Chen's studio in München
  • 2017: Einzelausstellung Back to the Heart in Argentum Gallery, Vilnius, Litauen
  • 2018: Gemeinschaftausstellung Talente, part of Schmuck jewellery week, München
  • 2019: Gemeinschaftausstellung Jubinale in Cracow, Polen
  • 2020: Gemeinschaftausstellung Browsing through surfaces online in 5mills gallery, Vilnius, Litauen