Rokas Dovydėnas

Presented vases is a practice-based walk through the fields of history, chemistry, and pottery. Inspired by European tradition of imitating Chinese porcelain. I used local clay trying to achieve the look similar to porcelain. This technological choice was an important step towards the unity of image and content, form and technology. Tadpole vs Louhan is the fictional story I have created. The hero and the anti-hero are present here. I tell the story consisting of various details, texts and drawings. I used traditional Chinese scenes, I used quotes, Lithuanian punk rock music lyrics to create a narrative of the story. Through this work I seek the reflections of local identity in history.


  • 1998: Graduated VAA bachelor of arts degree
  • 2000: Graduated VAA magister of arts degree
  • 2001: Einzelausstellung, "Arrival", gallery "Alcatraz". Hallein, Austrija; Exhibition in Pasvalys museum; Gruppenausstellung "Electronic brush", Salzburg International Summer Art Academ, Österreich
  • 2002 Gemeinschaftsausstellung, "Izveni nepozvanili", galerija "Mastatstva", Minsk, Belarus; "Dreamcatcher" video festival, Kiev, Ukraine
  • 2003: Gemeinschaftsausstellung, "Periphrasis", Hacettepe University art gallery, Ankara, Türkei 2003: Einzelausstellung, "God save the Sex pistols", gallery "Intro", Vilnius, Litauen
  • 2005: Graduated VAA licenciate of arts degree
  • 2010: Kuratiertes Projekt, "Vizitinė kortelė. Mokytojas/mokinys", Vilnius children and youth gallery, Vilnius, Litauen
  • 2011: Gemeinschaftsausstellung, "Open interdisciplinary artists studios" Fluxus ministry, Vilnius, Litauen
  • 2014: Kuratiertes Projekt, "Kur skristum jei turėtum skraidantį kilimą?", Project space Malonioji 6, Vilnius. 2015: Einzelausstellung, "Pottery is the new video", galery "Akademija", Vilnius , Litauen
  • 2017: Einzelausstellung, "No Fear" gallery "Trivium" Vilnius; Kuratiertes Projekt, Liudas Parulskis solo exhibition, Project space Sodų 4, Vilnius, Litauen
  • 2018: Gemeinschaftsausstellung, Visionen von Vydunas in der zeitgenössischen litauischen Kunst, Detmold City Hall, Germany; Akimirkmetis. Peizažas name - namas peizaže, Exhibition at Užutrakis Manor House
  • 2019: Gemeinschaftsausstellung, TT, LitauenInterdisciplinary Art Creators Gallery Atletika, Vilnius, Litauen
  • 2020: Graduated Doctoral studies in VAA; Einzelausstellung, "3 Ceramic Stories: In Search Of Personal Approach" Kazys Varnelis museum, Vilnius, Litauen